Firey Nyiragongo


Firey Nyiragongo Trek Video

Kichizi Kama Ndizi!

DRC NyiragongoThe volcano is open! The volcano is open!! The volcano is open!!! Was ringing round Kigali on 21st October 2014 when people heard that, yes, Nyiragongo was finally open after 2 years and 5 months!

We had been waiting for Nyiragongo to open for a long time. The mix of the largest laval lake in Africa, the activity of Nyiragongo and the excitement of the rebel strewn DRC itself was such that we could miss this opening!

After much discussion and planning, Saturday 29th November 2014 was selected. We booked the volcano through and they help us with info. They offered transfers from the border and quick visas. Lucky we already have the CPEGL visa and in the spirit of adventure we decided to drive ourselves.

DRC UNWe set out to Gisenyi one morning to relax Inzu lodge before the big climb.


DRC Nyiragongo TrekThe next morning we set off  to the border; the petit barrier





DRC Volcano Nyiragongo CraterThree





FourDRC Volcano Nyiragongo Sunrise

Baridi Kama Bahari!


Nyiragongo Panorama

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