Gicumbi…. Almost!

Gicumbi (aka Byumba) was the biggest town in Rwanda that we had not been too. So when the weekend came around we look in the Brandt guide picked a hotel, phone them up, booked the hotel and set of for Gicumbi.

As we enter Gicumbi we both had an odd reaction. It is a bit like a town that time forgot. Nothing had happened there for a while. EWSA water network was leaking. Everyone seemed to walk slower. A very odd place. Anyway we proceed to our hotel. We went one why then the other got directions several times but we couldn’t find it. Eventually we pulled into the only other hotel and asked. Apparently the hotel was shut down 2 years ago after the poisoned some public officials… “but she accepted the reservation” I said. Something was very odd. We tried to stay at the other hotel but they was asking a lot money for a crappy room.

This left only one course of action… get the hell out of Gicumbi and never return. We book at the country club on lake Mahazi and had a great time.

We still do not know what is up with Gicumbi and why it seem to be so neglected. I think we came to the conclusion its probably best not to ask…

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