Volcanoes NP – Bisoke Crater Hike

Bisoke TopBisoke Volcano_2Bisoke crater hike is steep and slippy but all is rewarded if you get a view of the beautiful crater lake at the top. I went up with a visiting university friend and his friend in the pouring rain. My wife stayed for the day back at the dry guesting wondering if we all would live to tell the tail.

It all starts with the obligatory 7pm visit to the national park HQ. We drove to the edge of the national park and started hiking. We had had some weak members of the group who lasted 45 minutes then it was just us. We turn of the Diane Fossy trail straight into the steep mud. We hiked and hiked with the rain bouncing off us but eventually we were wet through. Towards the top we were all getting cold but as men of steel that we are we finally reached the top.

Bisoke CoverWe peered over the edge to see a perfectly formed crater. As we had stopped we turnedfrom cold to freezing. We each had a bit of peanut butter and then turned right around and commence our decent to the consternation of the guides who were expecting a rest. We skied down the side of the volcano. At the bottom the rain finally relented and once back at the guesthouse we finally dried off.


Volcano Bisoke Crater Rwanda

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