Lamu Archipelago

Lamu Kenya Donkey CargoLamu Kenya DhowWe landed in Mombasa and after an erratic taxi taking a long detour, we arrived at the bus departure point on Abdel Nasser Road. There we squashed into a bus for the 7hr bus journey. The last section of the road to the Kikoni landing site was unpaved as our bottoms attest. The next form of transport we took was a dodgy overloaded boat to Lamu town. From the dock it was a 5 minute walk dodging the donkeys to our guesthouse Kilimanjaro House and we… collapsed. The next morning, we woke up in a quaint old arabian influenced village. It was full of narrow streets, donkeys (remember a man without a donkey, is a donkey), dhows in the harbour and a mafi mushkila attitude. During the next few days we wandered up the coast to Shela, saw the local sites. Unfortunately, I ate a samosa that made me violently ill! 4 days of living life at a slow pace we did not want to go back to the real world. 😦

PS If you want to go to Lamu I would plan it soon as there is about to be a huge redevelopment of the area with a new port, pipelines and military bases…

Lamu Archipelago Map

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