Mapping Rwanda…

Rwanda was one of the last countries in the mapped in the world due to its location are the heart of Africa…

Rwanda as Part of German East Africa

The German East African colonial administration only reached Nyanza in 1893; Gustav Adolf von Götzen met the mwami. Rwanda was on the edge of the German East Africa. It was only in 1910 at the convention of Brussels that the borders of Rwanda were fixed.

1. 1892 German East Africa map showing little detail of Rwanda…

German East Africa - 1892 - (10MB)

German East Africa – 1892 – (10MB)

2. German East Africa by 1905…

German East Africa - 1905 - (3MB)

German East Africa – 1905 – (3MB)

3. German East Africa administrative map; Rwanda being administrative area XX/20…

German East African Administrative Districts - (2MB)

German East African Administrative Districts – (2MB)

4. German East Africa map of peoples.

German East African Peoples - (2MB)

German East African Peoples – (2MB)

5. German East African vegetation map.

German East African Vegetation - (2MB)

German East African Vegetation – (2MB)

Rwanda as Belgium a Colony

In 1916, Belgium was given a mandate by the league of nations to govern Rwanda and Burundi. Belgium governed Rwanda until independence in 1961.

6. Ruanda and Urundi 1938…

Ruanda and Urundi - 1938 - (6MB)

Ruanda and Urundi – 1938 – (6MB)

7. Rwanda and Burundi 1 to 200,000 scale in 1942.

Rwanda 200,000 scale - 1942 - (9MB)

Rwanda 200,000 scale – 1942 – (9MB)

8. Rwanda and Burundi 1 to 100,000 scale in 1942.

Rwanda 100,000 scale - 1942 - (32MB)

Rwanda 100,000 scale – 1942 – (32MB)

9. Rwanda in 1943. Who new that Bukavu was called Costermansville?

Rwanda 1,000,000 - 1943 - (855kB)

Rwanda 1,000,000 – 1943 – (855kB)

Rwanda After Independence to 1994

Rwanda had a fitful time as a republic. In 1973 military rule was established lead by Juvénal Habyarimana. Habryarimana rule lasted until has assassination on 6th April 1994.

10. American military map; compiled in 1968 and updated in 1994.

Rwanda 1,000,000 - 1994 - (876kB)

Rwanda 1,000,000 – 1994 – (876kB)

11. Pre 1994 Rwanda. Note the size of Akagera national park and its associated hunting area. It is detailed. The closer you look the more you see…

Rwanda 420,000 scale (3MB)

Rwanda 420,000 scale (3MB)

Rwanda Post 1994 and Today

12. A tourist’s paradise…

Rwanda Tourist Map (772kB)

Rwanda Tourist Map (772kB)

Rwandan Geology

13. Geology not rocket science…

Rwandan Geology Map (8MB)

Rwandan Geology Map (8MB)

14. There are minerals in them there hills…

Rwanda Mineral Potential (6MB)

Rwanda Mineral Potential (6MB)

Rwanda Vegetation

15. Figure out which of 100 different types of vegetation applies…

Rwandan Vegetation Map

Rwandan Vegetation Map

16. That’s a relief… map of Rwanda…

Rwanda Elevation Map (1MB)

Rwanda Elevation Map (1MB)

Lake Kivu

17. Lake Kivu close up…

Lake Kivu - (73MB)

Lake Kivu – (73MB)


18. Kigali in 1994…

Kigali - 1994 - (454kB)

Kigali – 1994 – (454kB)

19. Kigali tourist map today…

Kigali Tourist Map - (10MB)

Kigali Tourist Map – (10MB)

What Was…

20. What was…

Rwanda in the 19th Century - (771kB)

Rwanda in the 19th Century – (771kB)

What Could Be…?

21. What could be…?

KinyaRwanda Map

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