Indian Kenyan Wedding

IMG_5880IMG_5877Our good friend from university was getting married in his home town of Nairobi and were just next door in Rwanda. We were excited for him and to experience an Indian wedding even before four invitations came for four different events we were invited too. This was a week long event!
We arrived in Nairobi to a personal pick up, taken to our hotel room and given a personal driver the whole time we were in Nairobi!

Pre-event: The first event was a shindig with his family. Great to catch up. Great food.

Event one: this was a nodded to the west. A reception at the Lions Club with booze where both families competing in “Indian Families Got Talent”. The families took it in turn to do dance numbers, skits, musical performances and everything else! The evening settled into a good party and we pulled some crazy Indian dance moves…

Event two: the Mandap Ropan at the Oshwal community centre. Only with the grooms family, we gave hm a Jain right before marriage. I so sure of all the finer details but everyone who was there personally feed the groom

IMG_5890IMG_5900Event three: this was the Jain pre-wedding breakfast at the Oshwal community centre. Everyone paid their respects to the happy couple. Great food.

Event four: The wedding! Our friend’s bride is from Thika so we all tripped up that way to the Thika Oshwal community centre and temple. Our university friend made a grand entrance with his best man and brother in a decorated Tuktuk back by loud music and dancers. Boom! We were all well welcomed by the brides family and they put on a great spread. Next was the ceremony. This was the time for the bride to make a grand entrance. Boom! The religious official proceeded with the ceremony which involved several rights I did not completely understand. However at the end of it they were man and wife. Boom!

After he formalities over it was time to chill with everyone. In conclusion the wedding was awesome. Boom!

PS The wedding was over four days. Our wedding was only one day. Are we short changed in the west…?

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