Huye and Kibeho Pilgrimage Site

2014 Rwanda South-West - 13Huye! Bless you! Isn’t that Kibeho? Well we went to both. Huye is the Cambridge of Rwanda, while Kibeho is the Walsingham (do your research heathens).

We blasted down there to Huye for ice cream and to view the cathedral. We visited Inzozi Nziza for the best soft serve ice cream in Rwanda. What we received was melted slop. A little disappointed we went to take a look at the cathedral. The cathedral was built in honour of Astrida, Queen of Belgium in 1930s. It is large brick built structure in three sections and it has a lot cheeky monkeys in its garden. That evening we chilled out at the Ibis hotel and looked forward to Kibeho the next day.

2014 Rwanda South-West - 18The sun was up so we set off to Kibeho. Kibeho is the place where in the 1980s our lady visited some local girls. The road was un-paved but well graded. Guess what there was when we arrived at Kibeho… yeah another church! We had a look round and then stayed with the nuns for some average nosh and some chillin’ time.

We went north on the way back and stopped off at the Murambi genocide memorial. This genocide memorial is particularly emotional for visitors because of the events that occurred and the fact that the petrified bodies of the victims are on display in rooms in size order…

Slightly cowed, we made our way back to Kigali.

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