Ruhondo Lake

Ruhondo Lake Rwanda 4_1000pxThe first view we had of lake Ruhondo was from the magnificent Foyer de Charite at sunset. Before us was a beautiful nobly lake and the Virunga volcanoes silhouetted and glowing orange. The next morning we saw the spectacular and serene nunnery and guesthouse in the light of the day. That morning, we relaxed in the peaceful grounds. Iin the afternoon we drove along the spine of the peninsular to the centre of the lake and uncovered the Ruhondo Beach hotel right at the end. We had a beer at the edge of the lake and absorbed the atmosphere. On the way back to the Foyer de Charite, we were chased by a lot of school children and followed by the obligatory “Mzungu!”. That evening we had a lovely home cooked dinner by the nuns and prepared for the next day’s departure.

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