Lake Burera


Lake Burera 02.jpgWe were all looking forward to Lake Burera camping. We had been trying camp some where for the previous 6 months. Work had kicked off and between the four of us it hadn’t quite happened. This time it would!

Coming together from various countries we all met at Red Rocks. The next day we set off, including two dogs, to knock this camping spot we had pulled off google earth out of the park. We bumped along the road between Lake Ruhondo and Lake Burera. We made onto the peninsula tried to blast that. Although this is Rwanda, it was remote. I do not think any muzungus had been down there ever. The road was getting narrower and narrower and getting less like a road with every kilometre. Finally we reach as far as we could go. The weather was changeable but not raining. All six of us including Joey and Bingo set off for a recognisance mission. We walked down the hill and a little bit up. We found a rocky top that looked like the best place. Leaving dogs and wifey behind the three of us walked back up to arrange for transportation of our gear colonial style; using the local manpower. Before we made it back the heavens opened! The two manned up and stayed in the cars until it passed but the other wife womened up and went to rescue the wife and dogs. It passed and we organised the ferrying of camping gear. Half way through this process the heavens opened again leaving everyone and everything wet. Camp was abandoned, workers paid and we returned to Red Rocks. We were never to camp again in Rwanda :-(.