BargeParty 2014 Kibuya, Rwanda 5Kibuye is the Milford Sound of Rwanda; knobbly thrusts of land penetrate into Lake Kivu. Although there is great natural beauty, we were there for one thing and on thing only the BargeParty2014. A floating fun monstrosity of drunk muzungus and the Rwandan middle class. 

BargeParty 2014 Kibuya, RwandaWe all met up at the Golf hotel for pre-drinks. After some ominous rain storms, the barge party boat was finally ready for boarding at 10pm. We rocked on down wondering that would the 15,000 RWF ticket really cover free beer for the whole night? Only time would tell. We milled around for a bit during which time one of our friends managed to fall between the quay and the boat ironically while she was looking for a life jacket at the time. She splashed around like a drowning rat for a minute or two before we mange to hall her up by a rope. Miraculously she was ok and she even managed to keep hold of everything she had including both her bags!

Let the party start. The boat was rammed and rocking with the whole boat being used as a dance floor. We were enjoying the free and pimms, vodka and gin that we brought on board. We danced, peed of the side, and danced some more. Some professional photos and some selfies were taken. 5 hours of partying later, dodging the police boats and some near misses with land, we docked again. After one of our number performed some skilful driving, we collapsed back in our beds at Hotel Bethanie.

The barge party was awesome, go next year! Hotel Bethanie is rubbish.

BargeParty 2014 Kibuya, Rwanda 2


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