Marine Balls (and other dip events)

2015 Kigali Marine Corps Ballx320We enjoyed the full range of Anglophone dip events while in Kigali. The US embassy’s Marine Ball 2013 & 2015, the Dutch King’s Day 2014 and the British Embassy’s Queen’s Birthday.

Fresh of the plane we were plunged into the Marine Ball celebrating their 238th birthday. As a Brit with a mild aptitude for maths a quick calculation presented the Marines year of birth was 1775. This was a year before the mutinous declaration of independence. Was this a coincidence? I didn’t ask. The evening went well with free drink. The youthful British contingent outlasted the crowd until it was Brits and Marines left. The Marines politely asked to leave. We politely attempted to requisition the sprit cabinet. Finally the Marines politely halted and reversed the requisitioning of the sprit cabinet. Then it was to Sundowner.
The Dutch King’s day is the finest and most fun of the Anglophone dip events. Good people, food and especially music.

The British Embassy’s Queen’s Birthday is a Goat and Gorilla event on steroids. Good fun and a touch of home.

At the 2015 Marine Ball the Marines had learnt from 2013 and had a paid bar… After working away for a while in Congo it was great to catch up with friends and meet some new ones.