Rwandan Football Match

Congo FanMore Fanactical SuppportersRwandans love their football from the English premier league to the Rwandan first division football championship to the Rwandan national team. This match was a big one: round 2 of Africa nations championship qualifying. If they won this round the would be in the group stage; one step away from the big jamboree of the finals. Sgins were not good they were 2-0 down from the first leg in Congo Brazzaville. The first half passed goalless. Halfway through the second half… Goal Rwanda! there was hope. Soon after a mix up between the Congolese defence and goal keeper lead to a second goal. If it stayed like this it would mean penalties. Is diid stay 2-2 and penalties it was. Penalties were scored, saved and missed and on the 7th penalties Rwanda won!

A great day was tempered by the news a week later that Rwanda had been disqualified because of fielding a player who also qualifies for both Congo and Rwanda. This player has bee questioned before and the case has been throw out but this the only difference is that it was not thrown out… not that I am suggesting any impropriety…  🙂

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