Lake Bunyonyi

Uganda Lake Bunyonyi Booga Geo DomeNot everyone can pronounce Bunyonyi… this definitely includes the ILPH (aka the wife). Anyway, Lake Bunyonyi is just across the border from Rwanda and magnificent.

We blasted through the border and parked up at the mainland boat transfer station. The motor boat bounced us around and then dropped us at the island. We checked into Byoona Amagara hotel and settled into our geo-domes. The geo-domes are awesome. They have a completely open entrance and you feel that you are completely part on nature. You can see the lake from bed. By this time, our tummies were rumbling so we went down to the restaurant, where you can have crayfish in seven and a half different ways.

We woke up slowly the next day with an illuminated view of the lake. We relaxed about campus with a book, went for a dip in the lake and canoed around the island in an unsteady canoe.

Lake Bunyonyi is great, the Byoona Amagara geo-domes are awesome, and you’ll leave stuffed of crayfish!

Uganda Lake Bunyonyi SunsetUganda Lake Bunyonyi SwimmingUganda Lake Bunyonyi Canoeing

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