Meer words could not do justice to 6 weeks on honeymoon in Madagascar. It is just not possible so one will have to be content with the following short paragraphs…

Madagascar Video

Madagascar Lemur FriendsMadagascar for honeymoon? Yep it was to be. We chose Madagascar because they claim to speak French and Madagascar is large and cheap enough to spend six weeks there. We managed to see most of the island by ferry, train, taxi, private car and the now infamous taxi brusses.

Madagascar Loving BaobabsLuckily a friend of a friend lived in Antananarivo (Tana) so after we checked in we had a smiling face to show us round. She was great and Tana is such a small expat world that we met the aid worker and environmentalist

stereotypically trying to do the best by the country and the American embassy and Mine engineer both trying to kick start environmental devastation on a grand scale.

After the captial city is was all wild life from the crabs and hump backed wales of Isle Sainte Marie to the lemurs of Vakona forest lodge, to the crocodiles of the river Sinibihina, to more lemurs in Tsingy national park and finally even more lemurs of the Ranomafana National Park.

The food had a small look in it having a french flavour and you could get duck everywhere so that was awesome.

We had a get time. If you ever get the chance to go say… YES!

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